The Shape-Issue?

Article for Latina Smart

Hello Ladies! This post is dedicated to our fabulous bodies, to every curve, element, line and shape that holds all that we are. Our body is that relationship that we have to carry and nurture our entire life. As with every relationship we have to take very good care of, watch over it, share some quality time with it, accept what makes it different and unique and learn to love it to the point in which we don’t even see flaws anymore.


Embracing your curves

If you are a Latina, you know what comes with the package… curves! Wonderful and voluptuous curvy bodies. Not long ago I interviewed a great fashion stylist who produces an event in of Chicago dedicated to curvy women, her name is Tamika Maria Price. I wanted to ask her some questions about curvy body types since I’ve heard so many of my friends and models express these concerns about their curvy bodies. Here are two of those questions with very interesting and great answers:

Q. As a professional stylist and shopper you work with all body types clientele. What do you recommend specially for curvy shapes to highlight the most when dressing up?

A. For curvy clients, I suggest the same I would for a slender client – to highlight their best attributes.  Whether you are curvy or slim, the goal is to create a proportioned shape using your clothing.  I suggest that every curvy diva needs a great fitting blazer, pair of dark denim jeans and a jersey wrap dress.

Q. I’ve met many curvy women who wait an indefinite amount of time to purchase nice clothes for themselves or redo their closets because they don’t want to dress up nicely until they reach a specific weight. What can you tell these women about that decision?

A. I always tell these women to not wait to be their most fabulous selves! Life is too short to say…”tomorrow I will dress my best”. If you want to workout and loose weight, then by all means, do that, but do not dress in sweats or ill-fitting clothing in the mean time.  We all deserve to feel our best and we need to make our appearance a priority.

In the picture above wonderful Celia Cruz showing up her beautiful body.

Beauty at any size


With this article I would like to encourage you to embrace who you are at this precise moment. Choose a favorite part of your body and showcase it like the sidewalk is your runway. It is important to achieve a level of confidence and self respect that allows us to be free in our own world. Once you start loving your body you’ll take good care of it. Start falling in love with your shape all over again. You’ll be surprised by all the ways in which you can enjoy and accept yourself. Having a nice body doesn’t have to do with your measurements it has to do with acceptance. I’ve had so many models 34-25-36 complain about their bodies! So, it is a matter of attitude towards ourselves.


In the picture above beautiful actress Rita Moreno.

Rely in fashion

One of the best weapons that women have to their favor is fashion! How many times you’ve been in a dressing room trying on clothes that don’t flatter your figure thinking that you are so out of shape when boom! you try something that makes you change your mind completely. When you find that piece of clothing that flatters your body you start looking at yourself in a whole different way, with great attitude and pride. That means that once you find the right cut and right garment you can look fabulous no matter what. So, rely in fashion to showcase your best attributes. As Anna Dello Russo fashion icon and editor of Vogue Japan states in her new video for the launch of her accessories line for H&M: “Lesson number nine: It doesn’t matter the size of your body, fashion flatters every figure”

I would love to hear your feedback chicas!

Be brave, be bright and shine with your own light.


Noelia Cruz artist/fashion designer/violinist/writer




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